[VIDEO] Canadian Quirks that are Rude in the UK

Thoughts from Alanna…

A few weeks ago, I did a video about British quirks that might be seen as rude in Canada. It’s only fair to do the opposite now! Here are some Canadian quirks that are rude in the UK.

It was actually really hard to come up with both lists, since both of our countries are so similar.

Hope you enjoy!

Canadian Quirks that are Rude in the UK

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  1. Hi Alanna,I have seen many of your videos. I have a few comments to make to support those video comments on the previous ones:

    You mentioned the counties (the Shires). Yes, when we talk of them in the plural, the word is “Shires”; eg “We want to live in the Shires,” pronounced as in hires! I know!

    Regarding the bathroom/loo video, another very English phrase is: “May I use your facilities/do you have any facilities here, etc.” Even Austin Powers would say this!

    I was also upset to read some previous comments which were very unpleasant toward you. This is not the English way and shows how people have become since the advent of social media.

    Keep up the good work.