Eat This: Foreigner Tries British Halloween Sweets

Thoughts from Alanna…

Happy Halloween (almost)! This week I did the most obvious thing: I tried a bunch of different British Halloween sweets. Why? Because it seemed like the logical thing to do! After living in England for a handful of years, I’ve tried a lot of candy already, so this was a bit tricky!

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Hope you guys enjoy this amount of sugar at 10 am!

Foreigner Tries British Halloween Sweets

I Can’t Make That: Foreigner Makes Yorkshire Pudding

Thoughts from Alanna…

This week I wanted to try making homemade Yorkshire pudding! My Grandma used to make beautiful ones, even though she was Canadian. Did my Yorkshire puds make the grade? Or was it a horrible disaster? Find out!

Want to try making Yorkshires yourself? Here’s the recipe that I used: Best Yorkshire puddings I found that most recipes were pretty much the same, though.. However, a lot of people like to use roast drippings to add into the recipes (unfortunately I couldn’t).

Hope you enjoy! Yorkshire puddings are one of my favourite British foods!

Foreigner Makes Yorkshire Pudding

[VIDEO] 5 Mistakes I Made When Moving To England

Thoughts from Alanna…

I love being an expat living in England, but that doesn’t mean I don’t also have mistakes I made when moving to England. Here are some things I wish I had done differently – If you move to England, maybe you can avoid them!

Of course looking back, it’s much easier to see the mistakes I made rather than when I was in the moment. Such is life! I love England and living in England, but there’s always going to be things I wish I did differently.

5 Mistakes I Made When Moving To England

[VIDEO] What Toiletries Should I Bring To England?

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I get quite a few messages from soon-to-be expats asking what types of items they should bring to the UK and what they should buy.

Good question!

Here’s what types of toiletries, brands and items you can find in England (and most of the UK) so you don’t need to bring them. Use up that extra suitcase space for clothes and electronics instead! Thankfully, items available in the UK are very similar to North America, so you don’t need to stock up on too much stuff.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

What Toiletries Should I Bring to England?