BetterHelp Online Therapy review

Thoughts from Alanna…

This week is a special one as it’s my first sponsored video! Lately I’ve been using BetterHelp which is an online therapy service. I have my own therapist who I communicate online with each day – working through some things I’ve been dealing with, talking about healthy habits to keep with regards to my own mental health and how I see myself – lots of stuff!

I wanted to try their service before doing this video so I could really talk about how I found the service and what my experiences were. I know not everyone has positive experiences with everything, or that BetterHelp isn’t for everyone, but I’ve genuinely enjoyed working with my therapist. Overall it’s been a great experience!

We don’t talk about mental health enough, so I hope this video gives you a chance to think about your own health. Especially for expats who are moving away from everything they’ve even known, keeping an eye on your mental health is super important. I know for me, the first 5 months of living abroad was really tough and I wish I had someone to talk to during that time.

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Hope you enjoy!

Getting Therapy with Betterhelp | Living in England