YesStyle Makeup Haul | Putting it all on my face at once

Thoughts from Alanna…

SURPRISE VIDEO! YesStyle very kindly sponsored this video and since it isn’t my usual type of content, I wanted to post it as a bonus this week 🙂 YesStyle sent me loads of free makeup and cosmetics so what was the natural thing to do? Put it all on my face at once.

You can even use code: YSALANNA10 to enjoy 10% off over US$49 and get up to 60% off K-Beauty Sale at YesStyle. Free International Shipping, too!

Honestly though, the products were lovely – I just have no idea how to use them. I never have, and I probably never will.

Hope you enjoy this silly video!

YesStyle Makeup Haul

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  1. Hello Alanna!
    I’ve just sat enthralled, watching your ‘extra’ video about your makeup from YesStyle, and I was almost howling with laughter, you’re so funny! Top marks for giving it a go – even though you don’t normally wear it! This has to be one of your best videos ever – and I just sent all of my grown-up kids a link to see it as well!
    How come I wasn’t able to see any comments underneath on YouTube, like we used to get? Actually, I just checked my OWN YouTube channel, and all my comments that I got before have disappeared!
    Have YouTube changed their policy and banned people from commenting on videos anymore?
    Anyway – well done on a very entertaining video! I love your stuff! Keep it coming!