I Can’t Make That: Foreigner Makes Yorkshire Pudding

Thoughts from Alanna…

This week I wanted to try making homemade Yorkshire pudding! My Grandma used to make beautiful ones, even though she was Canadian. Did my Yorkshire puds make the grade? Or was it a horrible disaster? Find out!

Want to try making Yorkshires yourself? Here’s the recipe that I used: Best Yorkshire puddings I found that most recipes were pretty much the same, though.. However, a lot of people like to use roast drippings to add into the recipes (unfortunately I couldn’t).

Hope you enjoy! Yorkshire puddings are one of my favourite British foods!

Foreigner Makes Yorkshire Pudding

I Can’t Make That – Welsh Rarebit

Thoughts from Alanna…

This week I wanted to try my hand at making some Welsh rarebit, a common snack/food in beautiful Wales! Did it work out OK? Was it a disaster?? You’ll soon find out…

Do you have a favourite Welsh rarebit recipe? Let me know! For this video, I followed Kacie’s recipe on her website here. I’d love to try out some more regional food – hopefully in the near future!

Hope you enjoy!

Welsh rarebit