cost of living in england

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This week I share the cost of living in England! These figures are based on living in Kent, England and the things I buy each month. I’ve broke it into the essentials, like rent, electricity and internet, but I’ve also included some figures for bonus stuff like pints at the pub.

Of course the cost of living in England varies. Obviously. You don’t need to remind me in the comments lol but these are the costs I pay each month.

Here are the figures in case you want to add them to your living in England budget! The prices are already split in half as my partner and I share costs:

2 Bed flat, monthly rent in Kent: £550

Unlimited Internet: £15

Monthly bus ticket: £70

Water: £20

Electricity: £30

Groceries: £250

Prescriptions: £9.15

Council tax: £55

Mobile: £10

TV License: £6.60

Total of essentials = £1,015.75

Some extras to keep in mind:

3 Takeways: £37.50

Unlimited cinema card: £16.50

Coffee, 3 times a month: £8.40

Pint, twice a month: £7

Total cost of living in England including a few extras = £1,081.85

Cost of living in England