The silhouette of palm trees stands out in front of a bright red and yellow sunset while visiting Titusville, Florida.

Titusville: Home of the Strange and Wonderful

Thoughts from Alanna…

I was bit by the travel bug in Titusville, Florida. So many people don’t even know where that is but it’s home to some of the weirdest and most wonderful things on Earth.

Titusville is about an hour from Orlando but is pretty much unknown. Here you’ll see signs about gun shows, orange juice and flea-markets.

And sometimes all on the same billboard.

Cocoa Beach

One of the better known beaches is Cocoa, an easy drive from Titusville. Here you’ll see tons of surfing, lots of beach to walk plus some pubs and restaurants within walking distance and showers and bathrooms in the parking lot. Cocoa is also known for having massive Ron Jon and Cocoa Beach Co. stores. By “massive” I mean they have aquariums inside and are mutli-floors.

Kennedy Space Centre

Titusville and surrounding areas are often called “Florida’s Space Coast”. The Kennedy Space Centre (being it’s main space attraction) is awesome. Awesome! It’s a bit expensive now but it’s come a long way from what it used to be. You can easily spend a full-day here and even get driven out to the launch pads where the shuttles and rockets launch from.

The view inside of the Atlantis Space Shuttle.

You get to see the Atlantis Shuttle!

Orlando Theme Parks

There are so many water parks and theme parks on our backdoor. My favourite has to be Islands of Adventure. Here you’ll find some of the best roller coasters (The Hulk, anyone?) plus part of the Harry Potter World, spread over Universal Studios next-door. You can get a special ticket (expensive, though) that allows you to visit both parks. You can even take the Hogwarts Express between the two parks!

Brevard Zoo

This zoo is really lovely and was totally surprising with lots of animals and it’s a great afternoon out. The giraffes were beautiful! It’s a great alternative if you’re tired of snoozing on the beach.

Dive Bars

Florida, and Titusville especially, is home to tons of dive bars. If you’re brave, you’ll find some of the best drinks and food in US!

Visiting Titusville

But overall, Titusville is where I spent so much of my childhood, watching for alligators while driving down the highway, learning to swim, dolphin-spotting in the ocean and eating enough dive-bar chicken wings to last me a lifetime.

Titusville is weird, but it’s my second home.

Faded footprints along a sandy beach trail beside small waves