[VIDEO] The Beast From the East

Thoughts from Alanna…

A lot of people have been asking: what does a Canadian think of all the snow in England? And more importantly: what does a Canadian think about how England deals with snow??

So here you go!

This has been the most snow I’ve ever seen in Kent and it genuinely made me feel like I was in Canada. I hope you all kept warm and safe indoors! Now it’s back to normal life… I miss those Snow Days already!

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  1. Would you be able to do a YouTube video on your intrests and your ambitions? Could you also tell us more about the life you had in Canada, what made you come to England?
    I think your very down to earth and have an amazing personality and would like to know a bit more about the young lady making the blogs and YouTube videos. Keep going as you put a smile on my face when i watch people like yourself doing this as i feel the infomation you provide is very helpful and informative.