A massive cruise ship docks in bright water.

To Cruise Or Not To Cruise

Thoughts from Alanna…

I’ve been lucky enough to experience cruise holidays, but is it worth it? Is that the type of holiday that’s best for you?

Pros to Cruise Holidays

  1. You always know where you’re going to sleep at night and that it’ll be safe and in the same spot. Many times when travelling by foot, you’re constantly moving from hostel to hostel, lugging your suitcase along behind you. Cruises take that hassle out of the equation.
  2. You don’t need to repack when travelling between places! Hurrah!
  3. There’s always plenty of food and drink available, often within a 2 minute walk. Feeling a bit peckish after dinner? Before lunch? Cruise ships always
    A girl climbs a rocking wall

    Most ships have activities like rock climbing to stay busy while sailing

    have ample amounts of food and drinks all over the ship whenever you need it. Saves having to walk through a dodgy neighbourhood trying to find something late at night!

  4. Cruise ships are great at providing entertainment, from cinemas on-board to live shows and dancing. Everything is there and ready to be enjoyed.
  5. Not sure what to do on land? Cruises will provide planned excursions you can purchase to experience things you may have missed exploring on your own. All you have to do is show up and let the guide to do the rest.
A cruiseship docks at a foreign port.

You don’t realize how massive some of these ships are. They’re basically floating cities!

Cons to Cruise Holidays

    1. Depending on your age, you may find yourself on the wrong type of cruise. For instance, Viking cruises are generally a much older crowd (my parents often being the youngest on board) while Disney and Carnival ships often cater to families (so don’t be alarmed if you find yourself surrounded by screaming toddlers).
    2. Being on a cruise ship doesn’t allow you to fully experience a location’s culture when you’re on land for a few hours then jet off again, without even sleeping on shore.
    3. It’s very easy to blow your budget (and belly) without realizing. There’s food and drinks everywhere and while that’s great, your waistline will struggle. Many people also don’t realize that buying alcohol and tips are not included so people are often hit by a massive bill at the end of the trip.
    4. Ever been seasick? It’s not pleasant.
    5. On the mega-big cruise ships, expect a line-up for pretty much everything.

Cruise holidays are great for getting a taste of multiple locations without the hassle of backpacking or road tripping. However, they’re not for everyone so do your research and pick the best way for you!

A cruise ship is docked in the distance