[VIDEO] British Misconceptions About Canada

Thoughts from Alanna..

This week I wanted to share some British misconceptions about Canada!

I stream video games live on Twitch each week and the mainly-British audience shared some of the things they thought about Canada. Essentially: what do you picture when you think of Canada? Snow? Moose? Poutine? Mounties?

Here are some of the most common British misconceptions about Canada that came up. It really is a wonderful country and I hope you can visit it one day.

I hope you enjoy the video!

British Misconceptions About Canada

[VIDEO] Goodbye, Canada!

Thoughts from Alanna…

Here are some snippets from the end of my trip visiting home in Ontario, Canada! I meant to post this last week.. but… didn’t. My apologies!

If you have a chance to visit Canada and its many provinces and territories – please do! It’s a beautiful place and will always be very special to me. Especially BlueJays games with my family.

Hope you enjoy!

[VIDEO] England vs Canada | Why Canada Wins

Thoughts from Alanna…

As promised, here’s Part 2 of my “England vs Canada” series! There’s always pros and cons to every country, but these are the reason I enjoy Canada more than England.

I meant to also mention that I love that you’re able to take your kids out of school in Canada without being fined. Some of my best family memories are going on holidays with my parents while I also learned how to keep up with homework on my own.

In England, you’re not allowed to take student out of school outside of the school holidays or you’ll get a fine. A fine! So you’re stuck going away during the holidays, which means everything is 100% more expensive, so some families can’t afford it.