Selling Your Car Before Moving Abroad

Thoughts from Alanna…

When moving anywhere outside of your current town, province or region, you need to decide whether you’re going to sell your stuff.

Do you sell your beloved X-Box or hoard it in storage? What about your bed? Dressers?

For me, I decided to keep most of my smaller items, (extra clothes, furniture and the like), but made the decision to sell my beautiful car. I figured that if I came home earlier than expected, I didn’t want to bother re-buying all new furniture and such, but I can’t leave my car to sit unmoved in the driveway for however long it may be.

Especially with winter approaching, my car would be buried under feet of snow in no time. So the car needed to be sold.

Quick question: how do you do that?

For me, I started with Facebook. I posted some photos and some background information and some kind friends and family shared it to their walls. Next came word of mouth. Literally everywhere my family went, we always brought up that we’re selling a car: at the hairdressers, golf course, Walmart, work, you name it.

Next came Kijiji, a free ad-posting site if you’ve never heard of it. Is that possible? I was getting views but not many bites.

When selling a used car privately in Ontario, I learned that you have to order a Used Vehicle Information Package from the province. It’s pretty straight forward and can be done online for $20. It will be mailed to you within a few days and contains all the information that the new owner of your car needs once the sale is complete.

Then came the waiting. And more waiting. I was getting impatient so I also used AutoTrader to spread the word online.

More waiting.

I don’t know if anyone else has even attempted selling a car on your own, but I seemed to have forgotten it’s a big purchase for anyone and definitely doesn’t happen over night. The main thing I’ve learned is to post your ad wherever you can and be patient. Nothing good happens over night.

When I was losing all hope, someone emailed that they wanted to see the car. Hallelujah! He met with my Dad while I was at work and the deal was done. One tip: if you’re selling an older car like mine, please be aware that in order to get it e-tested and safetied, you may need to spend a lot of money (like me) which will eat into your profit.

Once I realized my dreams had come true, I also discovered that I was really going to miss my car.

It’s weird being attached to a car, of all things. It was there when I got my first job, graduated high school, moved away for college, graduated that and moved away again for work. And now as I move country, she’ll make a new owner very happy.

If you ever see her out on the street, please be kind. She was my first.