Seeking Care Package From Home | Missing Canada

Thoughts from Alanna…

England has been a very welcoming home but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss Canada and the things that comes along with it, like:


I even miss getting rejected at Roll Up the Rim every winter

1. I have been craving all the foods that I can’t have: Goldfish, Kraft Dinner, A&W burgers and root beer, Ontario peaches, Timbits and Ice Caps from Timmies. Even Wendys. I still think about the veggie gummies I used to have at work everyday.

My Canadian foods were never overwhelmingly important when I could have them whenever I wanted, but now that they’re over 5,000 kms away, I’m desperate. Desperate!

2. As much as it’s exciting to constantly explore new places, it gets really tiring, too. Some days I just want to automatically know where things are without having to always Google directions.

Back in Canada, I could drive to my favourite stores, the movie theatre and some great restaurants with my eyes closed. I knew where the best places were without doubt. Here? I can get lost just going to the grocery store.

3. I miss having my friends around to call up at a moments notice to hang out, see a movie or just play boardgames. Thank God for social media to stay in touch, but it’s sucky not being able to properly hang out.

As much as people in England are very kind, they’re not the same as my Canadian friends.

4. You never know how much you love your pet until you’re living apart. Every day when I would get home from work, tired and moody, my dog Jack was always there wiggling and happy to see me. He’d then quickly run off back to bed, but at least the thought was there.

I still get to see his furry mop on Skype occasionally, but I always worry that he’ll forget about me.


Jack spotted in the wild near home in the beautiful sunny Canada

5. Canadian weather is tricky. We get incredibly frigid winters and sweltering summers with little in-between. While I don’t miss the 6ft of snow, I absolutely miss the direct sunlight that Canada offers.

England has a great moderate temperature (winter here is basically an extended autumn) but it’s almost always overcast with sun barely peaking through. I miss those direct sun rays. I miss that Vitamin D!

6. And obviously, my family. I miss yelling at the TV while watching Jeopardy with my parents, going on big hikes together and just spending time as a family. I even miss the chaotic Thanksgiving dinners and eating too much at Christmas together. I’m always reminded of my family throughout the day and we make sure to keep in touch, but I still miss them all the same.


One of my family’s favourite hikes