A car driving through an archway in an old castle.

Road Trip Tips

Thoughts from Alanna…

Road trips are great fun and totally worth it if you’re interested in getting to know an area on a closer level than just flying from city to city.

Here’s some tips I’ve learned for a successful road trip!

  • Figure out how long you’re comfortable driving between destinations and plan stops when you’ll need them. Don’t push yourself!
  • Once you know how far you’ll be willing to drive, book accomodations at the right distances between stops. Don’t hope there will be vacancies unless you want to drive around for hours looking
  • Check your car every few stops. Make sure your tires are still full, windshield-washer fluid is fine and you still have everything intact. We lost one wheel hubcap, causing me to run after it while we were stopped at a red light in Edinburgh. At least I got it!

The view from the passenger-side window of a car driving through mountains.

  • Don’t run out of gas! Especially if you’re in a new area, you never want to run out. You won’t have nearby family to rescue you.
  • Bring a bag of snacks and drinks in the car with you. I had a big grocery bag with a case of Pepsi, full waterbottles, granola bars, sweets, apples, chips, oranges and grapes. Snacks always help a trip go quicker and it helps lower the costs of buying them while you’re on the road.
  • For the love of God, bring CDs. There’s nothing more annoying than scanning a bunch of fuzzy radio stations for hours and hours.
  • Keep emergency numbers handy, like a towing company in case you find yourself broken down at the side of the road and your hotel numbers in case you’re going to miss a check-in.

    The view of a bridge while the sun sets behind it.

    Going home over the bridge near Edinburgh

  • Don’t forget your trusty Sat-Nav (GPS) and all your hotel’s postal codes. It’s a good idea of have a rough idea in your head of where you’re going, though, just in case.
  • Keep your cell (mobile) nearby and charged in case of an emergency (I’m starting to sound like an old lady??) Plus get a small first-aid kit and flash light!
  • Sunglasses. Need I say more?
  • Go with the flow. Things always go wrong so don’t let it get to you. Keep calm and carry on!

The view of mountains and trees while driving down a highway.