Review: The Book of Mormon

Thoughts from Alanna…

Recently some friends and I saw The Book of Mormon in London at the Prince of Wales theatre. I had no idea what to expect but I’m genuinely glad we got tickets.

Below are (somewhat) spoilers!

The Cast

The actors were incredible and it was different that so many of the main characters were young, with the odd few over 35 years old. Many of the actors singing, dancing, expression and line delivery were flawless. I think comedy is one of the hardest genres to get across and the actors made it possible. There weren’t many times when I wasn’t laughing.

The Plot

Two young Mormon boys are paired together and sent to Uganda for a 2-year mission for the church. The boys are opposites: one is a follower and the other a leader. One is weird and the other is popular. Their mission location in Africa is so far away from anything they’ve ever experienced in their very sheltered lives. It’s here they must convert the villagers to their religion, villagers who are in the middle of conflict, poverty and famine, not interested in looking to God for answers.

The lines, plot and twists are hilarious, risqué and vulgar. Get ready for lots of swearing! As well, the great thing is you don’t need to know much about Mormons to understand the play (my English boyfriend was completely unaware that Mormons existed).

The Theatre

I’ve never seen a show here before so it was hard to tell which tickets would be the best. We ended up getting front row tickets in the Circle section (essentially the first and only balcony).

The section was perfect, but even if you were farther back in Circle, you’d still get good views as the seats start to slope quite steep. I would suggest getting tickets in the Circle rather than on the floor since up top had more of an incline to see over heads better.

The Location

Getting to the theatre is very easy. It’s just a 1 minute walk from the Piccadilly Underground station which is easy to get to from nearly all other stations, rail or tube. Even though we trained into Blackfriars rail station (East London), we were able to take the tube, change to a different tube line after two stops and arrive at Piccadilly within 30 minutes. Travelling there is easy but the crowds in this area are intense so be aware. Plus there’s tons of restaurants, pubs and bars to visit nearby.

Book of Mormon: Fantastic!

Overall I had such a great experience watching this play. It’s one of those performances where you leave genuinely happy and smiling. If you have the chance, please go see it!