My embarrassing life in England for 4 years

Thoughts from Alanna…

I’ve been living in England for 4 years – can you believe it?? This week I didn’t really have anything planned, but thought I’d share some embarrassing moments and storytime about living as a Canadian in England.

Who knows what will happen in 2020, but these last 4 years have certainly been an adventure!

Life in England for the last 4 years

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  1. Hi Alanna,

    I watched your 4yr vid on YT, and commented there. Really strange, but today this popped up in my feed. I’ve commented here about it, because I didn’t know if you’d see it if I commented again on YT, and I couldn’t find another way to contact you. I hope that’s okay.

    Check out 1:46 for your double:

    Again, here’s to the next four!

    Sarah <3