I have covid

Thoughts from Alanna…

So we have Covid in the family – Happy 2021, y’all! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and the kind words – it means a lot. Thankfully we’re getting through this experience and coming out the other side!

Here’s the symptoms day by day in case you’re curious:

Day 1: Started coughing, no other obvious symptoms

Day 2: Drastically felt worse, joint/bone pains and a big cough. Very obviously ill.

Day 3: Cough and body pains continue

Day 4: Cough continues but no more body pains. Lost sense of taste and smell

Day 5: Symptoms continue but now has sensitive eyes (although this only lasts 2 days)

Day 10: Still has big cough and no taste/smell.

I have Covid-19 (maybe?)