Harry & Meghan moving to Canada | Foreigner explains

Thoughts from Alanna

This week I wanted to share some details and my unsolicited opinion about Harry and Meghan Markle moving to Canada! As a Canadian living in England, I hope they enjoy Canada and leave some Timmies for the rest of us.

Hope you enjoy!

Harry and Meghan move to Canada!

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  1. Hello Alanna, you’re right about the British media, sadly there’s an attitude based on discrimination towards Megan, they have decided not to like her, decided, that’s the tragedy. I think she hates it here, I can understand this. At least in Canada Megan is only a 2 hour flight home and almost the same time zone. For those two it’s better for their marriage if it is to survive. Who would want a hostile British media hounding you wherever you go knowing tomorrow’s headlines will be discriminatory and negative and abusive. The issue is now in Canada Harry must do something for Canada in return, earn his stay with charity work that has clear visible results, housing native people with safe homes, computers for schools, direct financial help to reduce environmental destruction, this should be his contribution for a high profile person with police protection at Alanna expense (and others). Your mixer tap is on the way in February! I like your channel you make Canada seem interesting, a foreign perspective can make you think. Your inability to speak is amusing. You seem to confuse yourself which is a talent in comedy, possibly not reality though. If you’re missing Timmy’s filter the water your coffee will taste better, promise. A charcoal/ Brita type filter jug should do it.I like cheese too. This is my reaction, hope you like it. Byyyeeeee.
    Kind regards. Mark. Milton Keynes-United Kingdom (Physics repairman).
    P.s You’re doing well for someone in their 20’s abroad, you’ll be fine.

  2. Hello Alanna, I watched your 19th February 2019 video on baking scones, I belatedly wanted to point out there is a very similar raisan variety of scone-and wait for it- a cheese one too, we all know Alanna is a cheese ‘pervert’ in the nicest possible way
    So I thought I would pass this on. Bake your scones the way you did a year ago and before kneeding the dough add either a favourite appropriate grated cheese OR raisans and bake the same way to produce a good tasty result. As a Canadian I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of cheese scones they are not so common over the last 30 years here in the u.k. supermarkets used to sell them but low sales mean you don’t see them anymore. I like cheese too so I recommend in your own time trying out this simple recipe, you could bake your own bread loaf and add cheese to it at the dough stage for cheesey tasting bread, a background flavour to the bread.
    The advantage of a good keep fit regime is you can afford to be a cheese-a-aholic and not put on too much weight,so indulge Alanna,indulge!!. Kind regards. Mark. Milton Keynes. United Kingdom.(Physics Repairman).