[VIDEO] English Quirks That Are Rude in Canada

Thoughts from Alanna…

This week I wanted to talk about specific English quirks that are rude in Canada. It’s so interesting that although our countries are very similar, there’s still big differences!

After living in Kent, England, for the last three years, these are some cultural quirks I’ve noticed that would be considered a bit rude in Canada (or Ontario, to be specific).

Thankfully Canadians are pretty forgiving so you’d probably get away with it, anyway!

I hope you enjoy!

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  1. Very amusing. I worked in Canada for 6 months, in Alberta near Edmonton. What you said is true. The Canadian people are much more friendly to strangers, even before they discover the British accent. I also found the Canadians to be more trusting towards strangers, I did find that I couldn’t use the common British slang term for a cigarette in Canada without getting weird looks, you know, the one that starts with “F”