Ditch the daily routine and try a new hike, like this one!

Ditch the Daily Routine

Thoughts from Alanna…

This is more or less a letter to myself: get out of your routine, Alanna!!!!

Daily routines will find you no matter where you are. Even living in England, my overall routine isn’t much different than anywhere else.

Wake up.Get dropped off at work for 8:00 a.m. Work until 5 p.m. Walk down the street to the gym. After working out, I take two buses home. Get home around 7 p.m. Make dinner. Shower. Check emails and watch some TV. Bed. Repeat.

When you’re living somewhere new, no matter how long you intend to be there, it’s important to make sure to go out of your way to experience as much as you can even though I tend to forget. Don’t get sucked into the couch and Netflix vortex! It can be hard to financially support all your wild ideas, especially if your family isn’t paying your way or you refuse to touch your savings.

But it’s still possible.

Each month I have my set costs: rent, food, general bills (electricity, internet, TV, water, etc.) and transportation. I try to spend as little as possible on things I can avoid like clothes I don’t need, shoes that will get dusty in the closet or buying lunch at work when I can pack one instead.

It’s not glamorous, but it allows me to save my pennies for things that are more important, like trains around the country, future trips or dinner and drinks out (especially the fooooooood).

Heaven on Earth, but also ended up as a really cheap meal!!

Sometimes it’s hard to see people’s photos of all their adventures seemingly every week but we all have different situations and we can’t compare. For those who are using their savings to do their traveling, I am totally envious. But that’s not what’s best for me.

Even making a point to explore nearby cheap attractions (free walking tours or museums to name a few), trying out local hikes around the country-side or even hitting up the cinema on cheap night (make sure to get the half-sweet, half-salty popcorn, it’s the best) gets you out of your mindless routine wherever you live.

It just takes a conscious effort.