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Books For Your Adventures

Thoughts from Alanna…

Living in England is far from thrilling all the time and I’ve found that I end up doing lots of reading. Currently I’m re-reading the entire Harry Potter series (it’s freakishly calming and familiar). I’m always interested in new books so if you have any favourites, please let me know!

Below are some of my go-to books that help cure those boring nights.

The front cover of the novel Eleanor & Park.Eleanor & Park – By Rainbow Rowell

This is definitely not my usual style but I’m so in love with this book. It’s a boy-meet-girl story soaking with the heartache we all know from our own teenage years. The book flows so easily and you become completely connected with the characters, even when you can see disaster coming from the start. A beautiful book!

The Heart Does Not Grow Back – By Fred Venturini

I picked this one up randomly at the library and read it within like, two days. It was fun, had a quick plot, easy to follow and a great storyline. It was marked as “sci-fi” but there were definitely no aliens, foreign planets or confusing sciencey-stuff, just about a boy who goes through a tragedy and wants to make some money off of it. Great read!

House of Leaves – By Mark Z. Danielewski

I always come back to this book because it’s one that genuinely changed me. It’s giant (which can be intimidating) and it’s a tough read, but if you’re committed, this book will change your life. T

here’s multiple stories intertwined together using the regular text and footnotes and it also utilizes the typography to create images (like when the characters are in a giant room, there’s hardly any text on the page to illustrate the extra space. Or if the characters are in a tiny hallway, the pages are jammed with text to make you feel claustrophobic).

The story is difficult but unlike anything I’ve ever read before. What happens when our ultimate truths end up being lies?

The front cover of the notes John Dies at the End.John Dies at the End – By David Wong

This book is a bit gorey, demonic, hilarious and quick. It blends scary and funny together, creating a really fun read. Just two friends who end up dealing with creatures from “the other side.” I devoured this book in a few days and was left wanting more. If you like it, the following book This Book is Full of Spiders is the same sort of style – hilarious, dark and different.

The Name of the Wind – By Patrick Rothfuss

This book, the first in a series, heavily reminded me of a cross between Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings: a medieval feel with a special college, magic and mystery. The book is really easy to read and I was so happy to be sucked back into a world like HP and LOTR. The next book, A Wise Man’s Fear is just as good and continues to follow our hero on his quest. It’s a really lovely read!

Send me your favourite titles and I’ll be forever grateful!