A backyard is covered in thick white snow during Christmas in Canada

An Early Christmas in the Snow | Christmas in Canada

Thoughts from Alanna…

Celebrating Christmas in Canada and England can be hard. And expensive! This year I opted for having an early Christmas with my family in Canada. This week consisted of:Trees are covered in snow along a hiking trail.

  1. A very long, boring flight with no individual movie screens and delayed 45 minutes. Thankfully I followed one of my favourite flight rules and brought a bunch of snacks onto the plane to keep me sane
  2. Quality time with my parents, playing board games and hiking in the snow
  3. Visited my Grandma for lunch and catch-ups
  4. Drove around the neighbourhood looking at Christmas lights in the middle of a snow storm with my familyA house is covered in different coloured Christmas lights with snow on the lawn.
  5. Dinner and games with my best friend while¬†scoping out her new boyfriend (that’s what friends are for, right??)
  6. An early Christmas morning with a fire in the fireplace, a full breakfast with my parents and lots of meaningful presentsUnique ornaments hang from a brightly-lit Christmas tree.
  7. A big Christmas dinner (turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberries, stuffing, veggies, etc) with my family where I ate way too much (as you do)
  8. Errands! I always get my haircut when visiting home (way cheaper), deposited Christmas money and did some shopping
  9. Made sure to eat all those things I was craving: A&W burgers and root beer, my favourite local pizza, goldfish, all-dressed chips..
  10. Tims date with my sister, IceCaps and Timbits included (duh)A box of TimBits and a large IceCap sit on a table at a Tim Hortons in Canada.
  11. Running around after my nephews while my sister and her husband came for a visit
  12. A long, boring wait at the airport while my plane was delayed 1.5h (damn snow!)
  13. Resulting in a very tired Alanna in England

Merry (Early) Christmas!