The view of historic houses and shops in Bath, England.

The Best Of British Slang

Thoughts from Alanna…

Since we’ve started educating ourselves about British phrases, here’s a list of some of my favourite words that I’ve picked up while living in England:

  1. Anti-clockwise = counter-clockwise. “Whatever you do, don’t drive anti-clockwise in a roundabout.”
  2. Blimey = exclamation of surprise. Just picture Ron Wesley. “Blimey that was good!”
  3. Bloody = same as above and again, please picture Ron Wesley. “You’re bloody brilliant!”
  4. Bugger = hard to think of a single North-American equivalent. “Oh bugger” if you drop your biscuit in your tea, “lucky bugger” if you win something.
  5. Cheeky = a funny way of calling someone out if they always have the last word or something smart to say. “You cheeky monkey!”
  6. Cheers = not just used with drinks in hand, it’s very often used as “Thank you” even to strangers.
  7. Chuffed = very pleased or happy about something. “I found a tenner in my pocket that I forgot about. I was well-chuffed!”
  8. Dodgy = something (or someone) who should be avoided. “That pub’s a bit dodgy, let’s go somewhere else.”
  9. Fortnight = two weeks. “I’m going to America for a fortnight.”
  10. Gutted = Annoyed, disappointed. “When I got to the shop it was already closed. I was gutted, mate.”
  11. Pants = underwear. Trousers =  pants. Don’t confuse the two.
  12. Porkies = Lies. It’s cockney rhyming slang from London. Porkies (supposed to be porky pies) rhymes with lies. “I found out that George was telling me porkies!”
  13. Prat = An idiot. “Don’t be such a prat.”
  14. Ring = call someone. “Give me a ring next time you’re around.”
  15. Rubbish = garbage. “I put the rubbish out every Monday morning.” You could also say something was rubbish or someone was talking rubbish.
  16. Sacked = getting fired from your job. “I heard Rob got sacked. That’s rubbish!”
  17. Skint = broke or without money. “I haven’t been paid yet, I’m skint.”
  18. Strop = being moody or miserable. “I lost the game so I was in a total strop.” You could shake things up a bit and refer to someone as a “stroppy cow” if you’re aware there’s a chance you’ll get hit.
  19. Ta = “Thank you”
  20. Whinge = whining about something. “I whinge when we don’t order pizza.”

Now try to use these in real-life. Good luck, mate!

A perfect example of the use of “shrubberies” in a sentence.