The colourful mosaic-tiled wall of the Tottenham Court Road Underground station in London, England.

British Phrases You Should Use Right Now

Thoughts from Alanna…

Canada and England both speak English, but there’s so many quirky sayings that are different in both countries. Don’t even get me started on slang words (for another day, perhaps). Today, let’s education ourselves on some of my favourite English sayings:

  1. “Watch out, she’s got the hump!” Classic. Hilarious. This one basically means that someone is angry, moody and generally pissed off. Sounds best when you pronounce it “got the ‘ump.”
  2. “He’s throwing his toys out the pram.” Also hilarious. This one is similar to the first saying, meaning someone’s moody and throwing a fit over something and they’re literally throwing their toys out of the pram (a child’s stroller). It’s even more funny when used to describe an adult (as it usually does).
  3. “Let’s have a butcher’s” You’d use this one when you’re going to take a look at something or someone, (ex. Let’s take a look).But more than anything, it’s really fun to say.
  4. “Jog on” Used to tell someone to essentially piss off and it’s usually followed by a rude slur. Brilliant.
  5. “I’m knackered” You’re exhausted! Often heard on Friday afternoons.
  6. “Are you having a laugh?” Usually an aggressive version of “are you joking?” or a playing around among friends.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: use one of these phrases in your daily life without looking like a total numpty.

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