Rolling green fields in England's countryside.

Things to Know in England: Part 6

Thoughts from Alanna… Here we go, Part 6 of things you need to know about the UK!

I can’t speak for the whole country, but you don’t see a lot of bugs in the South-East. I’m talking mosquitos swarms, beetles, even ladybugs (they call them ladybirds??). Most days, I’ll open all the house windows and doors without any screens (no one has screens?) and never have the problem of bugs taking over the house. My boyfriend doesn’t even know the horrors of blackflies. How naïve.

There are so many trails, farms, villages and hikes in England. Make sure to take advantage of them! Each weekend my boyfriend and I are able to try a different hike, all near home.

Also, you’re allowed to walk through people’s fields and farms (for the most part, as long as you don’t disturb anything) by following public trails.

A girl climbing over a public trail stye.

Walking over a sty in a public trail. You can lift a bit up so your pup can get through, too!

Learn how to parallel park before you get here. You’ll need it.

When shopping at a grocery store (Tesco, Asda, etc) the cashier sits and scans your items. You need to pack. For my British friends, as a cashier back in Canada you’re expected to scan and bag everything while standing. Not fair!

I don’t know if this is just my boyfriend but when you snap your fingers together, I call it “snap.” Like what you would do while saying, “Oh no he didn’t!” He calls it “click.” You click your fingers. I’m sorry, what?

The weather in the SE is very mild. The summers (with any heat waves) can be around 20s C, fall and spring are usually 8-15C and winter can be 0-8C. There’s not a huge variance like Canada (one day it’s snowing, the next you’re in shorts). But I do find when it’s cold, it feels cold, like a really wet to-your-bones cold.

The view from a car with a rain-soaked window looking out to a residential street.

Of course, it rains, too

The BCC on TV is funded through licence fees (remember those?) and doesn’t air any commercials or “adverts.” Advertising regulators in the UK allow an average of 7 minutes of adverts per hour. That’s it! My boyfriend really noticed how many commercials we have (and how long) when watching TV in Canada.

I don’t know if it’s just a thing in my area, but there’s not many KFC restaurants so come Friday night, the queue for food is well out the door. It’s crazy popular!

Racoons don’t live in the UK, but foxes do! We can’t put our garbage out for pick-up the night before because foxes will rip open the bags and spew the rubbish all over the street. Lovely. Sometimes I miss seeing a little racoon face trying to steal away my garbage…