Moving Up

Thoughts from Alanna…

Moving house: Equally exciting and annoying.

This week was our big move from a small terrace house to my boyfriend’s owned three-bedroom semi in Kent. Suddenly we were going to be overwhelmed with extra space! Hurrah!

But the move itself needed to happen first.

The weekend before the move we loaded up whatever we didn’t need day-to-day in boxes and bags. Finally that cupboard full of plastic bags came in handy. Upstairs furniture was brought downstairs. Everything was piled in the living room.

I now know what it’s like to live as a hoarder.

My mum has a really great system for moving house: each box has a big number written on it. She then has a notebook with what’s inside each numbered box so you can find things easily when you need to unpack. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen like that for us.

By Tuesday, all the legal stuff was signed, sealed and delivered. The house was officially his, keys and all.

Every day after work, we filled up our tiny car with whatever would fit. It all made its way to the house and piled up in the living room. Since the house we were moving into hadn’t been lived in for a few months, the place needed a major clean. There’s no point in unpacking when the place is gross.

Once our old place was empty, the vacuum cleaner came out of hiding and we cleaned that place as best we could, praying it was enough to get the deposit back from the landlord.

Moving is a juggling game. One house needs to be emptied and cleaned. Another house needs to be filled and cleaned both while we’re working full-time. It’s best to have some kind of game plan in your head before you start. For us, we are not natural cleaners so we paid a professional cleaner to come into the new house and get it somewhat liveable. Any bit helps.

Suddenly, our “To-Do” list was growing: change the locks, clean, unpack, peel old-lady wallpaper, paint, hang curtains, fill the fridge, cut the neglected back lawn, pull overgrown weeds and buy furniture. Even things like updating our address on all our accounts, switching over the internet to the new house, contacting the gas and electric people and get the bills in order.

I’m tired.

We’re still living out of boxes but it gets a bit better every day.