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It’s a modern world out there and hotels are old school. These days more and more people are utilizing AirBnB for their accommodation needs. With over 1 million listings in more than 190 countries you certainly have options. If you don’t know anything about it though, it can seem scary. I’ve now used the service in both Canada and abroad when travelling Ireland. If you’re unsure of how this works, let me walk you through it.

AirBnB2The first step is to download the app, or you can visit the website, and create a profile. When you create your profile it’s important to choose a clear photo of yourself, add in your email address and your phone number. These are all things that verify that you in fact are a real person.

Once your profile is created you can start browsing, simply type in where you want to go and pick the dates. You can adjust the filters to get more specific results, like how many guests, whether you are looking for an entire home or just a single room, and even down to what amenities you want. When you click through to a location you can scroll through photos to get a clear idea of what a place looks like. It states how many beds, rooms and guests the room/home can accommodate as well as a little write up by the host describing the location. Make sure you read through reviews to get an idea of how other people liked the space. You can also read reviews that people have written about the host.

AirBnB3If you’ve decided on a place to stay you can choose to book. Some places have an instant book option, other times the host has decided on a more selective process. When instant book isn’t an option, you can send the host a message requesting to book. For my booking, I included why I’m heading to the area and who I am travelling with. The decision will be made and you’re booked for your trip!

The day before my booking I like to message my host and let them know what time to expect me, they’ll in turn let me know any pertinent information. On arriving the host will either: meet you there and show you around, give you a key and answer any questions or let you know where a key is hidden and where all the information on the house is. During your stay your host should be available to answer any questions or stop by if you need any assistance.

After your stay the app will prompt you to leave a review about the place and your host. Your host will also be asked to write a review of you as a guest. Neither person can read the other review until you’ve written yours, that way it stays fair and unbiased. A host leaving you a good guest review will help you book places in the future.

I have never been disappointed when I’ve used AirBnB. I’m selective in choosing locations, carefully reading reviews on the space I’m looking at and the host. I definitely recommend this service to people all the time.

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