Things to Know in England: Part 3

Thoughts from Alanna…

It’s time again for another edition of Things to Know in England! Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2. This week it’s all about food. Enjoy!!

The love of tea is real and there never seems to be enough.

A lot of grocery stores (Morrison’s, Tesco, etc) have self check-out machines that you can use on your own. Bring your own bags as many places, if not all, charge per bag. Or you can buy “bags for life” which the store replaces for free when they get damaged. There’s also different types of grocery stores, like:

Iceland sells frozen food
M&S is usually more posh and expensive
Morrisons or Tesco tend to be good prices
Asda is the UK Walmart. It even has the same logo and sells George clothing.

58335011_1_640x640Walkers crisps are Lays chips with a different name. They even have the same logo! All food has nutritional information on the front of the packaging which is usually colour-coded like you can see on the bottoms of the Walkers bag. Pretty straightforward: red is bad, yellow is OK and green is good!

Bread bags don’t have that annoying plastic tie to keep the loaf fresh. Instead it has this annoying sticky rectangle piece of paper that you wrap around the end. Both equally annoying.

Baked BeansBaked beans on toast is a good thing. Baked beans and sausages on toast is even better.

Curry is actually the most popular dish in England! There’s a huge international food scene here with Indian, Chinese, Turkish and Indonesian shops (to name a few) on every other street.

Lollies are suckers, sweets are candy and biscuits are cookies.



I am a connoisseur of juice. Instead of frozen juice concentrate, you buy “squash” which is just a bottle of liquid juice concentrate. When you want a cup, you pour some into a glass and fill it with water. Ta da!

Lots of veg is boiled. Get ready.

Personally, I find the fruit here is so much nicer than what I’m used to back home. Fruit sold is Canada often comes from Mexico or South America (like 7,000 km from Toronto to Brazil) versus fruit in South East England that comes from Spain (less than 2,000 km).

Now excuse me while I get ready for another Sunday roast!