I’m Home. Now What?

Thoughts from Tyler…

The plane landed, we went through customs, collected our luggage and drove home. Bags were unpacked, laundry was done and then it was back to real life.  Vacation mode disabled. Now what?

I just spent 18 days in England and Ireland. I was exploring different towns, hiking through mountains and eating to my stomach’s content.

The night I got home I hid myself away from everyone in my room. I was sleep deprived and had been surrounded by people for three weeks straight. It was such a drastic change that I sat in my room alone close to tears for reasons I couldn’t understand or control. After some much needed sleep I woke up painfully early for Canadian time. I made myself a cup of tea and started my day. I realized I needed to rediscover my life before this trip, but how do I do that? It was time to get back into a routine.

I’ve found that finding my old routine has been really helpful. For me it’s getting up in the morning and heading to the gym. After that I pack food to bring to work, get done whatever needs to be done and maybe squeeze in an episode of something before leaving for work.

The other thing that helps is making plans. Arrange time to see friends and do something fun. Give yourself something to look forward to. Try not to mope around the house wishing you were somewhere else. It doesn’t help, trust me.

Lastly, start planning your next adventure. I already have my spare cash jar ready to be filled with travel money for whatever I plan next.

Being home may not have the thrill of travelling but it’s only as fun as you make it.